About Us

The Mr C10 Story and Why We are Different

Mr C10 was started by a group of classic truck enthusiasts that were frustrated with the quality of products available on the market. We built our with staff with people  that came from many different parts of the industry and that understand where the issues are and how to fix them. We work directly with manufacturers to provide you with the very best products available on the market today. If we find or hear of an issue from our customers, we work with our manufacturers to correct the issue, to keep you at the forefront of what’s available for your truck.

The Hobby We all Love...

Many of us hot rodders have often struggled with integrating aftermarket parts with original parts. It’s also an issue that aftermarket manufacturers struggle with everyday. Many times these old cars and trucks have decades of rust and body flex from the abuse they have taken throughout the years. The structure that was there is not as sound as it once was, and they were not built off the line with the idea that they would once be high-end show vehicles with millions of scrutinizing eyeballs looking down on their every body gap.

We all know, but often forget, that we are restoring these classics to a new standard that they were never intended to be. We expect all of the pieces to fit together near perfectly, without us having to “massage” any of the parts. Ask any shop owner, good body man, or interior artist, and they will tell you that their customer expects that type of finish, and many times doesn’t understand why the cost of their project is beyond what they had in their original budget.

It’s easy to blame the aftermarket manufacturers and their products as to why the labor hours on a restoration are as high as they are. Maybe it could be that it’s just our expectations of these products are really higher than they were designed to be, after all they are designed to fit just like the originals. Yes, there are many factors that go into the cost of a restoration, but there is one company that designs their products with that in mind. Keeping the cost down of any restoration is good for everyone. It allows more people to build more trucks, and that’s good for everyone on the automotive “food chain”.

Yes, we can already hear some of you groaning about overseas parts, but the fact of the matter is that many of these parts are made there because the costs are much less, but the quality is the same as if it were made here in the states. Because of regulations and labor costs, it just doesn’t make financial sense to have these products made here. I’m sure many of us don’t complain about that $99 brand new chrome bumper, but if that same bumper was made here it could cost $200-300, and that would not be good for you or this industry. 

Hot rodding and restoration in general has always been about doing as much as you can with the least amount of funds, and we all know how important a budget is when planning a restoration. All of us love this hobby, but we often forget that there are many other fellow enthusiasts around the globe that share this same passion that we have. We are fortunate to have so many choices of products and where we can buy them. From the manufacturing process, through the retail and installation, this industry has a huge global economic impact. Some of us are fortunate to work in and make a living from this industry. 

We all want our classic truck to be the best, to be unique, and to be something that we are proud of. We spend our hard earned dollars on the parts that we want, and that we think are the best for our ride. Our classic cars and trucks become part of our family, often times passed down through generations. It’s been woven into our country’s fabric, who we are as Americans, and classic truck enthusiasts. 

Finding the right truck, what motor to put in it, and the search for the parts are all part of the journey. When the journey is finally finished, it’s part of what makes that vehicle so special, how we got there, and the stories, blood, sweat and dollars it took to get there. How to find the right part, and what the right part is are different to everyone.

One thing we can all agree on is that this hobby is alive and well. Look at the popularity of the truck in today’s new manufacturer market. There are so many choices for “bought” power and performance. This is a good sign for those of us that have rides with “built” power. It shows us that the next generation is interested in classic trucks and restoration, and is being groomed right now to inherit this hobby down the road. 

When you’re restoring that special ride of yours, remember that you’re not just saving a piece of history, you’re recreating a moment in time that will be passed down for generations to come, and to appreciate, and that is one detail that we don’t want to overlook. 

Thanks of thinking of Mr C10.