1955-59 GM Truck Firewall Brake Booster Disc/Disc Kit

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1955-59 GM Truck Firewall Brake Booster Disc/Disc Kit


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Firewall brake booster units from CPP tuck to the firewall and include a firewall seal to prevent fumes from entering the vehicle. Kit includes booster and 3/16″ mounting brackets, linkage to connect to the pedal, firewall seal and master cylinder. Disc/drum and disc/disc kits also include proportioning valve and bracket assembly. # CPP-MT6062BB kits also include hydraulic clutch cylinder. Kits available in 7″, 8″, 9″ or 11″ and both single and dual diaphragm. If not specified, default booster diameter for your application will be provided.

Note: # CPP-7387BB-MC and drum/drum kits do not include proportioning valve assembly. Also, 1955-59 will work with factory E-brake handle.


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