LS Engine SB-Chevy Valve Cover Adapter & Ignition Kits

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The Mr C10 LS Engine Valve Cover Ignition Coil Cover Kit

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The Mr C10 LS Engine Old School Valve Cover Adapter & Ignition Kits include a set of black powder coated or polished CNC machined aluminum valve cover adapters, GM licensed “Chevrolet” script steel valve covers (choice of chrome or painted black), optional high quality MrC10 LS3 ignition coils and wire set (that will clear most headers), optional GM valley cover (to eliminate the PCV valve found in the original valve cover), and rubber steel-core gaskets and all necessary hardware.

The MrC10 GM LS3 Ignition Coil Sets produce over 10% higher voltage and nearly 20% more spark energy (milli-Joules) than the original OE coils, and creates 40,000 volts. There is no need to change the computers dwell map to get this increase, no other coil on the market does this!

This is the only COMPLETE kit on the market to covert your ugly LS engine coil/wire setup to a small block look. This kit relocates the coils on top of the adapters that bolt on top of  your LS heads. The SB-Chevy valve covers then bolt to the adapters to hide the coils. This clean setup is very popular with most of todays LS engine swaps for a clean, retro look.

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Black, Chrome/Polished

Coils & Wires

Yes, No

Valley Cover

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